Sunday, May 31, 2009

1st Law Of Happiness...

Happiness cannot be achieved if you bypass the FIRST LAW! The first law goes like this...


So many times people tell me they are not happy. When they tell me they are unhappy, the first question I ask is, "Well what makes you happy?" Strange enough, they usually have trouble giving me THEIR definition of happiness. So I decided to try the exercise myself....WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY? Funny enough, I found myself having the same problem they were having. WHAT???? Then I asked, "How on earth will I ever know when I am happy?" Really?

When I feel happy, is that based on what SHOULD make people happy, or am I truly happy? The first law of happiness has really helped me and I am very glad I took the time to address it. I realize the easiest thing to do is keep the people in my life, and do the things that fit MY definition of happiness. IT WORKS!

Is this the century old cure to end all sadness, depression, anger, and bad days, absolutely not. However, I will tell you this, the more you hang around things that fit your definition, the better odds you have in Achieving Your Own Happiness...Try it.....Let me know!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

AM vs. will

Make your choice to maximize your life today, not only today, but this hour, not only this hour but this minunte, not only this minute but this second, because I AM IS GUARANTEED, "I will when" is not....

What appears to be tomorrow today, will really just be your present when it arrives. Be very careful putting things off for tomorrow as tomorrow never really comes. If you need something, make a plan to get it now, if something is not right in your life, find a way to Fix it now, if you have goals, find a way to achieve them now...These are the people that will always be happy, successfull, and will not look back on their lives with regrets, because they choose....NOW!